A bike Jig (or fixture) is a fundamental tool when building a handmade bicycle. Frame jigs have a wide range of prices, you can go for a DIY jig or buy a more professional one. We compiled available jigs that one can get.

Jiggernaut particle board jig$349.00

The Jiggernaut is an affordable bicycle frame building jig.  It is made from CNC routed, 3/4″ Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) and packs flat for shipping.  

Sputnik Fixture

The Sputnik Tool frame jig is a highly advanced bicycle jig that has been continuously improved for over 25 years. It includes several unique features such as a chainring guide, seat tube tower, and chainstay plate with eccentric posts for holding and locating chainstays. The jig also includes flat plates for locating chain and seat stays, stand-offs for head tube and seat tube, and a tower for rear dropouts with rack-free motion to produce straighter bikes. These features allow for faster and more confident building of bicycles with proper clearance and geometry.

The Cobra frame fixture – $4,525.00 – $4,695.00

The Creator Frame Fixture is a crucial investment for framebuilding shops that greatly impacts their quality, capability, and efficiency. The fixture is designed to be easy to adjust and provides ample welding access. It is shipped pre-assembled and quality-checked, allowing for reliable performance with minimal re-assembly. The fixture has a rigid design and supports bent seat tubes. It is highly modular and offers ample welding access, making it perfect for batch work or in-process frame alignment checks. The fixture is offered in two orientations and comes with included adapters, convenient bench mount, and quick shipping.

Farr Frameworks Fixture

FARR Frameworks offers the #BFF fixture as a complete kit for building modern framesets. The fixture is designed to save costs for both the manufacturer and the customer by using extrusions, and it comes with numerous features at a reasonable price. The fixture includes back purge as a standard, offset head tube supports, head tube lower datum hardstop, top tube supports, seat tube offset, seat tube & down tube center-er, CAM lock BB adjustment, metal custom engraved scales, sliding rear end, chainstay supports, and a magnetic chain ring checker. The seatstay sandwich holds seat stays in place like ham & provolone between sliced French bread.

Chop Source Frame Jig– $424.95

The Bicycle Basic Frame Jig Kit provides essential fixtures for building a bicycle frame welding jig, and requires 17′ of 2″x3″ (1/8″ wall) tubing to complete. The kit can be easily reconfigured or disassembled for storage or transportation. The head tube fixture accommodates head tube angles from 40 to 75 degrees from horizontal and can go up to 90 degrees when mounted to a 2″x2″ upright. The rear axle fixture (dropout fixture) clamps tubing or threaded rod from .3″ to 1.25″ in diameter.

Brew Bikes Jig– $1,975

This bike frame jig can be used to make a variety of different types of bike frames, including Micro-mini BMX frames with a top tube length as small as 14″, MTB frames, road frames, track frames, and 29ers with a top tube length up to 30″ (75cm). It is compatible with several different sizes of headtubes, including 1″, 1-1/8″, 1-1/4″, Hiddenset (1.5″), Tapered, and integrated headtubes. The jig can also accommodate different types of bottom brackets, including English (euro), mid bottom brackets, BB30, PF30, and T47, with widths up to 130mm.

Ideas2cycle Jig– $140 – $200

This bike frame jig is a simple and affordable solution for prototyping and small-scale production. It accepts any tube shape and size and is made of sturdy aluminum profiles that can withstand heat and moisture. The jig comes with custom fittings and a 20-page instruction manual for easy assembly and use. The latest version, version 4 (2022), includes improvements such as easy adjustment of steering angle, improved rear dummy axle rigidity, and higher accuracy for trigonometric calculations. The jig also features cheaper aluminum extrusions without any loss in functionality and can accommodate wider (73/92mm) BB shells.

Benchmark Jig – $1,995

This bike jig is designed for setting up the frame dimensions of a bike with ease and precision. It is built with high-quality materials such as stainless steel hardware, hard-anodized aluminum components, and CNC-machined stainless steel frame contact points, headtube cones, seattube cones, and bottom bracket pucks. The jig features a CS Ball Bearing Linear Glide System and quick planar adjustment with handles and knobs for linear motion. It also includes linear direct readout scales and digital angle finder mounts for independent adjustment of every critical dimension or angle. Integration features include BikeCad.ca output dimensions, a bench mount extrusion to clamp to workstation or vise, seatstay/chainstay holders, an articulating stand, a centerline space out kit, TIG purge capability, and a CNC machined bottom bracket pivot.

Homemade Jigs

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